Operators are used to specifically perform different tasks/operations on variables and values, and they include the following;

· Arithmetic operators like +, -

· Assignment operators like =,&=

· Logical operators like “and”, “or”

· Membership operators like “in” “not in”

· Bitwise operators like &, |, ^


These are used with in combination with the numeric values to perform common mathematical operations as shown in the table below.


These operators are used to compare two values as shown below.

With calculators in place, mathematics has been simplified where very large numbers can be easily manipulated in a very minimum time, but have you ever wondered how these calculators are designed to do what they do;

So let’s go ahead and see how;

You can use any IDE (integrated development…

Data types in c refer to an extensive system used for declaring variables or functions of different types.

The type of a variable determines how much space it occupies in storage.


  1. Basic Types

They are arithmetic types and are further classified into: (a) integer…

This is basically a backslash “\” that is used in combination with other characters to print out impossible characters in programming languages like C, C#.

. In c, all escape sequences consist of two or more characters it a combination of backslash and characters.

The Meaning of Escape Sequence in C

An escape sequence is a sequence of characters that helps to convert some other characters(or escape sequence does not represent itself). for example, it’s impossible to print the newline so we use escape sequences to print newline by using backslash “\” and character “n” together “\n“.

List of all the Escape Sequence Characters in C

1. AUTO; this keyword is used to declare automatic variables. And when any variables is declared within a function body, is it automatic by default, therefore there would be no need of the keyword auto on variables within function body.

Auto int var1; this is how a variable is declared…

Dev-C++ is an IDE that is used by most programmers to write and execute their programs, and installation process is quite simple as shown below;

Installation process of Dev-C++

  1. First step is to open up a browser and type the word “Dev-C++” in the search engine as shown below;


Photo by Ben on Unsplash

Programming languages is a platform designed to connect instructions to a computer or machine.


The first programming language was invented in 1843 by Lovelace Ada, it was the first ever machine algorithm written on a piece of paper because no computer existed at that time.


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